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Keeping in touch with your clients can be a big job. Between planning classes, posting schedules, and emailing calendars, there are a lot of places where your clients may be missing out on all you have to offer. With our SMS system, communicating with your clients has never been easier. With a push of a button you can send out class notifications, reminders, calendars, and specials right to your client’s text inbox. With this you can drive your class attendance up almost immediately by alerting your customers of all you can offer them. Along with notifications, you can have your customers be your salespeople. With a trial campaign you can offer your current clients deals and discounts if they bring in a friend or family member – which can grow your base exponentially.

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Make your client interactions easier than ever
communicate and grow at the same time

Planning and alerting your customers can take a lot of time and effort. We can help you save that time with simple, intuitive software and systems to take all the work out of keeping your clients informed. With a couple of clicks your base can know about new hours of operation or class schedules. Reaching clients with your message has never been easier! We’ll deliver it right to their inbox. Make communication and growth simple and easy with just a text.

Our Solutions For You!
To help you attract new customers and keep your current customers returning.
SMS & Text Alerts

Text SMS and mobile alerts deliver real-time information directly to your contacts.

MMS Messaging

Deliver rich MMS content with audio, video, pics, and up to 500 words of text.

Mobile Coupons

Deliver mobile coupons that can be easily redeemed and tracked by you and customers.

Mobile Surveys

Mobile surveys provide instant feedback for you and keep customers easily engaged.

Text to Pledge

Fund raising? Allow your audience to pledge money to your cause right from their phones!

Text to Win

Get results with Text to Win opportunities. People love them and will share with friends!

Digital Kiosks

Guaranteed to drive great participation by offering an immersive experience for your contacts, clients, and participants.

Text Reminders

Mobile alerts are a fast and efficient way to remind people of upcoming scheduled appointments and events.

Mobile Web

Engage your audience in visually appealing and mobile content designed for your needs right online.

Mobile Apps

Our team of experts will help you find and create the best mobile application for you and your business needs.

Emergency Alerts

Send time sensitive alerts and information to your constituents. Keep information flowing in real time.

Web Forms

Design customizable opt-in forms for websites and Facebook fan pages! Perfect for events, classes, and more.

Need help increasing sales? We are experts!

About Texting Consultants

Texting Consultants helps you drive new customers, notify existing ones, and send promotions, reminders, and alerts. Our services are perfect for any business – we put your message right in their pocket. Whether you’re in retail, hospitality, health, or another customer-centric business, we can help you drive sales and keep your customers engaged.

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