digital marketing platforms with full automation

Today it's all about content delivery.

Americans check their smartphone 150 times a day. Your customers are on their phones all day everyday. Be there too.
SMS Marketing

This is a “regular text” delivered to your customer’s mobile number. It can contain links to websites or digital coupons. It does not carry images or media.

MMS Marketing

This text format allows the delivery of audio, video, pics, and 500 words of text. This has a very robust text messaging capability.

Digital Kiosks

Guaranteed to drive great participation by offering an immersive experience for your contacts, clients, and participants.

Web Forms

Design customizable opt-in forms for websites and Facebook fan pages! Perfect for events, classes, and more.

Mobile Web

Engage your audience in visually appealing and mobile content designed for your needs right online.

Text to Win

Get results with Text to Win opportunities. People love them and will share with friends!

Text to Pledge

Fund raising? Allow your audience to pledge money to your cause right from their phones!

Mobile Surveys

Mobile surveys provide instant feedback for you and keep customers easily engaged.

There are two cost effective ways to increase revenue:

Sell your current customers more stuff.

Sell your current customers more often.

Or, put another way, make the most of the customers you already bought.

More Marketing Strategies

Employee Text Alerts

Appointment Reminder System

Trade Show / Event Attendee Data Capture

Customer WIFI Data Capture